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WordPress Websites for NonProfits, Bloggers, and Small Businesses

Landing Page

A quick and easy way to reach your audience! One page WordPress site setup with all your information. Ideal for small, local businesses and nonprofits.

Getting Started

3 to 5 page WordPress website setup and ready for you to use. Recommended for anyone adding a blog or needing a portfolio.


A deluxe, detailed site. Recommended for online stores or businesses with additional needs.

Monthly Care

DIY or let me take care of your:

Security Updates

Site Backups


Problem Solving

Design Services

Keep your branding consistent! Logo, color palette, and font.


Every website needs a domain. You probably know this as a .com or .org
We can guide you through the purchasing process.


Set up your own hosting or let us do it for you. This is the place your site “lives”. Choose reliable hosting for good site speed and security.

Worry Free

Let us guide you through the process and set you up for success. Domain, hosting, WordPress setup, monthly maintenance, security, and problem solving.

Personalized Service

What Do You Need?

We will work with you to create a WordPress site that fits your goals.

  • A small, local business needs a contact page to connect with customers.
  • A blogger needs an easy to use system.
  • A nonprofit needs a way to receive donations.


We will explore your goals and determine what is needed to reach them.

Do you need an online shop? A newsletter? A business email?


This is the easy part! Just begin the conversation through our contact form. We will then work together to determine what you need and write a proposal for the work.

You need to purchase your own domain. It should belong to you. We will help you through the process.

There are many great choices for hosting your site. The best hosting for you depends on you goals and budget.

You can follow our recommendations, have us take care of this for you, or research and try a host of your choice.

Start with the contact form.

We can get your business online, take care of the tech side for you, and guide you on your new WordPress adventure.

The answer is maybe. This will depend on if your site has been maintained (security, updates, backups).


There are several steps you can take to make your site secure.

  • Use a strong password and protect your password.
  • Keep your WordPress site updated. 
  • Do regular backups, so that if your site experiences any problems with updates or security it can be easily restored. 
  • Use a security plugin like WordFence.
  • Choose a hosting plan that offers additional security.
  • Hide your login page


Online Site Wizard serves nonprofits, bloggers, and small businesses knowing that your budget isn’t limitless. We will provide you with a detailed proposal based on your goals and needs. 

You can keep costs lower by starting with a one page site, keeping things simple, or doing your own maintenance.

When your budget allows, your site can be upgraded. Add new pages, an online store, or a custom project.

Nope! You can totally maintain your own site.

I offer this service as a convenience for individuals and businesses that prefer to have someone else handle the maintenance.

No worries! With good communication and a little patience, we can figure it out together.

A WordPress site doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. Use our simple form to start the conversation. Your business will thank you!
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